Discover the best canva font pairings -100 winning combinations

Designing with fonts is probably one of the most fun parts of Canva. But have you ever felt stuck trying to figure out which fonts go well together?

Best Canva font pairings

Well, have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of the 100 best Canva font pairings guaranteed to speed up your design process.

So whether you’re looking for a creative title font or just need body text inspiration, we’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll share with you some of the best Canva font pairings that I frequently use.

Understanding Font Pairings

Understanding font pairings is essential for designing visually cohesive designs. An effective font pairing is achieved by placing harmonious fonts together that please the eye and communicate your message.

Consider the following to find fonts that pair well:

  • What is the desired tone or feeling you wish to express?
  • The context in which the font will be used
  • The intended audience
  • The personality of the font

After carefully considering these factors, narrow down your choices by looking at various fonts and seeing which ones stand out to you. Once you have a shortlist of fonts, you can then begin trying to pair them together. Just to make things a little easier for you, I have listed possible font combinations for each style, such as classic, elegant, playful, bold, etc.

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Do you need Canva Pro to use the best Canva font pairings?

Absolutely not. All the font pairings on this page are free fonts from the library. It is true that Canva Pro offers some gorgeous fonts, but if you’re using Canva’s free version, you’ll find plenty of free options.

Now, let’s dive into our 100 best Canva font pairings.

Learn how to use canva with this in-depth tutorial

1# Classic Font Combinations

The combination of serifs and sans serifs is a timeless style that offers elegance to every design. A serif font has a more traditional and sophisticated feel, while sans-serif fonts bring a modern and clean aesthetic.

Combining these two font styles allows you to create balanced and harmonious designs.
Here are the 10 best Canva font pairings for classic serif and sans-serif fonts:

10 Classic Canva font combinations
Best classic font combinations on Canva
  1. Playfair Display + Source Sans Pro 
  2. Noto Serif + Noto Sans
  3. Lustria + Lato
  4. Libre Baskerville + Montserrat 
  5. Bodoni + Futura 
  6. Crimson Pro + Gill Sans 
  7. Cardo + Josephine Sans
  8. Cambria + Arial
  9. Lora + Robotto
  10. Abril Fatface + Poppins

Add a graceful touch to invitations, announcements, and posters with more than 5,400 serif fonts to download!image 100833350 15380373

2# Elegant and Sophisticated Pairings

If you want to add a touch of refinement, consider pairing script fonts with serif or sans-serif fonts. This combination adds an elegant and sophisticated element to your designs, perfect for wedding invitations, formal events, or luxury branding projects.

These are some of the best Canva font pairings that are elegant and sophisticated:

  1. Ovo + Muli Extra Light
  2. Lovely May + Montserrat
  3. Prata + Lato Hairline
  4. Kage Thin + Open Sauce Light 
  5. Aleo Light + Arimo
  6. Julius Sans One + Barlow Condensed Thin
  7. Maharlika + Anonymous Pro
  8. Nixie One + Abhaya Libre Regular
  9. CMU Serif + Livvic Thin
  10. Roxborough CF + Inter Thin

3#Christmas font pairings

Want to spice up your designs this holiday season? You can accomplish that by using the Christmas font pairings I selected for you. Be sure to choose fonts that reflect the festive feel of the season.

Start with a fancy script font for titles and headings and a clean serif or sans-serif font for the body. This will create a nice balance between elegance and readability. Script fonts with those beautiful curls and loops work really well for cards, invitations, or headlines, but the secondary font is excellent for longer passages or captions. Your designs can quickly become festive and eye-catching by nailing the right Christmas font pairing!

Best Canva font pairings for Christmas

Below you’ll find the best Canva font pairing for the Holiday Season.

  1. Tan Pearl + Assistant Regular
  2. Berkshire Swash + Glacial Indifference
  3. Moonlight + Grand Hotel
  4. Bariska + Amsterdam Four
  5. Luthier + Quattrocento
  6. Art Nuvo + Breathing
  7. Nickainley + Arima Madurai Extra Bold
  8. Pinyon Script + TT Ricordi Nobili
  9. Marykate + Amatic SC
  10. White Star + Montserrat Classic

4# Playful and Creative Pairings

Mixing script and display fonts can add a sense of playfulness and a lighthearted vibe to your designs. Combining handwritten or script fonts with bold, decorative, or display fonts adds a touch of whimsy and personality. This pairing is perfect when a project needs to evoke joy, creativity, or lightheartedness. You can use these pairings for kid logos, party planners, and fun Instagram posts.

Check out these 10 Canva font combinations that are playful and creative:

Logo with playful font combination


Canda Tawa Cute

Edit this design in Canva

  1. Sunday + Canda Tawa Cute
  2. Le Petit Cochon + Brightwall
  3. More Sugar + One Little Font
  4. Lazydog + Hibernate
  5. Genty + Genty Sans
  6. Balabeloo + More Sugar Thin
  7. Sweet Apricot + Glacial Indifference
  8. Scripter + Better Saturday
  9. Atma Bold + Handy Casual
  10. Laries Script + Vintage goods

5# Minimalist and Clean Pairings

Sometimes, less is more. Consider using minimalist fonts if want a minimalistic and clean aesthetic. These fonts typically have simple, clean lines and a modern appeal. When minimalist fonts are paired with ample white space, you can achieve a sleek, sophisticated look that is perfect for contemporary designs.

Here are several of the best Canva font pairings that work well for minimalist and clean designs:

minimalist and clean Canva font pairings
  1. Code + Roboto (Regular)
  2. Montserrat (Extra-Light) + Montserrat (Regular)
  3. Le Jour Serif + Source Sans Pro (Regular)
  4. Brown Sugar + Josephin Sans Thin
  5. Helsa Display + HK Grotesk Medium
  6. The Seasons Light + Now
  7. Kudryashev Display + Garet Book
  8. Raleway Thin + Nunito
  9. Arsenal + Open Sans Light
  10. Futura + Helvetica World 

6# Harmonious Font combinations for Branding

Font pairings are essential in expressing your brand’s identity. To create a consistent brand identity, you’ll want fonts that align with your brand’s personality and values. A font must resonate with your target audience, no matter what your brand is, whether it is elegant, bold, playful, or professional. When used for headings, subheadings, body text, and other brand elements, it should create a harmonious visual identity.

Here are 10 harmonious Canva font pairings that work well for branding:

  1. Migra (ExtraBold) + Roboto Mono (Regular) + Playfair Display (regular)
  2. Lato (Regular) + Ovo (Regular) + Martel (Regular)
  3. Bitter (regular) + Cormorant SC (Medium) + Source Sans Pro (Regular)
  4. Droid Serif (regular) + Noto Sans (Regular)+ Fira Sans (Light)
  5. Poppins Medium + Signika (Regular) + Open Sans (Regular)
  6. Merriweather Sans (Italic) + Libre Franklin (Italic) + Lora (Regular)
  7. Playfair Display (Regular) + Fira Sans Medium + Catamaran (Light)
  8. Arimo (Regular) + Pinyon Script (Regular) + Overpass (Regular)
  9. Nunito Sans (Bold) + Crimson Pro + Tenor Sans (Regular)
  10. Montserrat (Semi-Bold) + Lora (Italic) + Lustria (Regular)

7# Best Canva font pairings for wedding invitations

Font combinations offering a mix of elegance, modernity, and classic charm would work well for wedding invitations. Feel free to play around with different pairings until you find the perfect combination that fits your design vision.

Here are the 10 best Canva font pairings I love to use for creating wedding invitations:

best Canva wedding font pairings
Best Canva Font Combinations for Wedding Invitations
  1. Cormorant Garamond + Pinyon Script
  2. Le Jour Script + Cinzel
  3. Aniyah + Caladea
  4. Brittany + Aileron Regular
  5. Great Vibes + Josephine Sans Regular
  6. Blastine + Quicksand
  7. Billion Miracles + Catchy Mager
  8. Beautifully Delicious Script + Be Vietnam Thin
  9. Amsterdam One + Ovo
  10. Callem + Cormorant SC Medium

8# Canva font combinations for a poster

Your poster fonts should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, legible, and cohesive. As I love to make the life of my readers easier, check out this list of creative Canva font pairings for your posters.

  1. Montserrat (Bold) + Playfair Display (Regular)
  2. League Spartan + Roboto
  3. Bebas Neue + Moontime
  4. HK Grotesk Medium + Roboto
  5. DM Sans (Bold)+ Montserrat Semi-Bold
  6. Agrandir Black + Open Sans Light
  7. Anton + Muli Regular
  8. Libre Baskerville + Montserrat
  9. Granaina + Roboto Mono Regular
  10. TAN Headline + Canva Sans

9# Halloween font pairings on canvas

With Canva’s wide selection of spooky fonts, you can easily create a mysterious, scary design. Need a font combination for your Halloween Social Posts, T-shirt designs, or Party Posters and Invitations?
Here are some of the best Canva font combinations I found to spice up your Halloween designs:

  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 1
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 2
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 3
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 4
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 5
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 6
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 7
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 8
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 9
  • Best Canva font pairings for Halloween slide 10
  1.  Freckle Face + Yannone Kaffeesatz Regul
  2. Vampiro One (Regular) + Lotus Eater Sans
  3. UnifrakturMaguntia + TAN Pearl
  4. Jeepers + Bernoru SemiCondensed
  5. Lacquer + Poppins Medium
  6. TT Alientz Serif + Open Sauce SemiBold
  7. Mons + Sweet Dreams
  8. Charu Chandan Blood Drip + Bobby Jones Condensed
  9. Obra Letra + Antic
  10. Pony Club + Six Caps

Spooky Scary Fonts For Canva on Creative Fabrica

Canva has some of the best font pairings for Halloween. However, the fonts available on Canva aren’t the only ones you can use. I suggest you take a look at Creative Fabrica for some spooky fonts for your Halloween and horror designs. A couple of my favorites are:

screenshot of spooky fonts on Creative Fabrica

10# Best Canva fonts for a book cover

You can ruin a good cover with bad typography. Your subconscious mind indeed draws a quick conclusion about a book’s typography in a matter of seconds.
You don’t need fancy or exotic fonts in the book itself. Reading them is hard work. However, they can take your book cover to the next level. When designing book covers, some fonts are better than others. Different fonts can evoke different emotions. An important aspect of a book cover design is selecting the correct font. It can greatly affect a design. Consider other books in your genre for inspiration.

Here are the 10 best Canva font pairings that work well for book covers:

  1. Playlist Script + CMU Serif
  2. Perandory Condensed + 
  3. Noto Serif Display ExtraC + Sloop Script Pro
  4. Six Caps + Crimson Pro
  5. Voga + Fira Sans Light
  6. Cinzel Decorative + Reborn
  7. Catchy Mager + Montserrat Semi Blod
  8. Rustic Printed Stamp + Rustic Printed
  9. Kingred Modern + Poppins
  10. Feeling Passionate + Abril Fatface

Font Pairings for Different Design Purposes

The purpose of your design also influences the font pairings you choose. Web design is all about readability. Positive user experiences can be achieved by selecting legible font combinations that are easy to read on screens.

In contrast, print materials offer more flexibility in font choices, allowing you to experiment with different styles and pairings. The fonts used in social media graphics are usually eye-catching and easy to digest, so they grab your attention as you scroll.

Exploring Canva’s Font Library 

For designers, Canva is an excellent resource as it offers an extensive font library. Whether you’re looking for elegant serifs, playful scripts, or modern sans-serifs, Canva has what you want.

To search the Canva font library, simply type in the name of the font you are looking for in the search bar. If you are not sure of the font’s name., you can also browse through the fonts by scrolling through the library.

Learn how to use canva with this in-depth tutorial

Practical Tips for Font Pairing 

Although there are no strict rules when it comes to font pairing, there are some practical tips to help you. First, make sure your font combination is readable in all sizes. Test different pairings across different devices and mediums to see how they work.

Typography is crucial in arousing certain emotions, and how fonts work together is essential in reaching this harmony. By considering contrast, balance, and visual hierarchy, you can achieve a polished and professional look.

Using the same font in different styles is the easiest and most effective way to pair fonts. There are different versions of classic fonts, including Bold and Italic, as well as some more complex ones with Condensed and Semi Condensed versions. It is even possible to find serif and sans serif versions of the same font, which is relatively rare. Experiment with one font first; you may find that it is all you need for your design!

Last but not least, draw inspiration from design resources, such as typography books, websites, and design communities.


To pick the best Canva font pairings, you must consider aesthetics, readability, and your overall message. Whatever your design goals are, there’s a font for you in Canva’s extensive font library.

It’s fun experimenting with different pairings, but keep visual hierarchy and contrast in mind. Limit fonts and maintain consistency to create a professional look. 

Using the right font combinations will make your Canva designs memorable, engaging your audience and delivering your message effectively. Get creative, explore the world of typography, and get creative with Canva font pairings. I hope you have fun designing!


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