12 Expert Tips On How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free and Reach a Wider Audience

Do you often feel discouraged by the traffic statistics on your blog?

Increase blog traffic

Do you feel like they never seem to improve, no matter how much effort you put in?

I completely understand how you feel. It can be disheartening to see little to no progress.

You’re putting out awesome content and have important things to share, but no matter how hard you try, not as many people visit your blog as you’d like.

The reality is you can make things better and bring a lot more people to your blog.

Today, we’ll talk about things that don’t require money, just your time and hard work. If you like to get more visitors to your blog without paying for it, then this post is what you need.

In this post, I’d like to share some strategies I use on my blogs to get more visitors naturally. We’ll discuss different strategies I found to be successful that you can use right now to increase blog traffic without the need to pay for advertisements.

Understanding the Importance of Blog Traffic

Let’s consider its importance before diving into the strategies to increase blog traffic. Blog traffic is more than just a number; it measures your online presence, engagement, and reach.

Why you should dedicate yourself to boosting the traffic to your blog:

  • Reach more people – More visitors means more readers can find your posts. This helps you share your message with more potential customers or fans.
  • Get more interaction – When more people read your blog, you’ll usually see more comments, shares, and backlinks from other sites. This shows people are interested in what you write.
  • Rank higher in searches – Search engines like Google see traffic as a sign that your pages are helpful. Sites with bigger audiences tend to appear nearer the top of search results.
  • Get more people taking action – A significant number of readers gives you more chances to get people signing up, buying things, or contacting you, depending on your goal. More traffic helps you do more.
  • Be seen as an expert – Consistent big numbers of visitors prove you create content people want. This helps establish you as a leader in your topic area.
  • Make money potential – For sites aiming to earn cash, increased traffic, like ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts, opens up ways to do this.

Now that we’ve established the importance of blog traffic let’s delve into the strategies to help you outrank the competition and see a significant boost in your blog’s visitor count.

1. Make use of organic SEO techniques

SEO is like a map for your blog to be found on Google. To make your blog appear higher in Google’s search results, you need to use the right keywords and tags and make your content Google-friendly. Click here to learn how to write SEO-friendly content.

Organic SEO techniques to increase blog traffic

Create High-Quality Content 

In the online world, the most important thing is the content you create. Making excellent content is the foundation for attracting more people to your blog. You should concentrate on making content that’s helpful, well-researched, and interesting to the people you want to read it. Continuously creating high-quality content will ultimately increase blog traffic.


Keywords help your blog be found on Google. You should use the right keywords in your blog posts. There’s a tool from Google called Keyword Planner that can help you find the best keywords for your content. Read our post on the best SEO tools for finding winning keywords.

Craft compelling and attention-grabbing headlines.

Your headline is the first thing your audience sees, so make it count. You can entice your readers by using “power words” and promises. Some examples of power words are Game-changer, Trending, Incredible, Hot, Secret, etc. They are the secret ingredient of a successful headline.

Awesome blog titles that get clicked

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2. Email Marketing

Collect people’s email addresses and mail them updates about your new blog posts. It is really helpful to use email marketing to increase the number of people who read your blog.

Imagine you have a list of people’s email addresses, and you send them emails to tell them when you’ve written something new on your blog. It’s like giving them a heads-up about your latest content. This is called “email marketing,” a powerful way to increase blog traffic. 

When you inform your readers through emails, they’re more likely to visit your blog and check out your latest content. 

Create an email signature.

Consider creating an email signature for your blog newsletter to increase blog traffic. An email signature can help more people visit your blog in several ways:

email signature template

Quickly and easily create an email signature in Canva with the free email signature creator.

✨ If people see your blog link in your emails regularly, they’ll remember it better and may visit your blog more often.

✨When people forward your emails to others, your blog link can reach more people, which means more traffic to your blog.

✨ More clicks from your email signature can make your blog appear higher in search results. Each click from your email signature contributes to your blog’s backlink profile, attracting more organic traffic.

✨ Use your email signature to ask people to visit your blog with a call to action like “Check out our latest blog post.”

✨ Lastly, to increase blog traffic, you can also put links to your social media in your email signature.

Ensure people can subscribe easily. 

When you get new visitors to your blog, it’s a great chance to keep them returning for more. 

On your main blog page and each individual blog post, make sure it’s easy for visitors to give you their email addresses so you can keep in touch. 

screenshot of ConvertKit
ConvertKit makes it a breeze to create and add sign-up forms for your blog.

To get people to sign up for your list, consider offering a free download, such as an ebook, cheat sheet, or checklist, known as a lead magnet. People are more likely to opt in if they get something worthwhile in return. Check out some ideas of what you could create as a lead magnet.

You can also use email platforms to create special messages for new subscribers, thanking them for signing up. In these messages, don’t forget to share your social media links. This way, you will also be able to increase blog traffic.

3. Find your tribe

When you want to tell people about your blog, being smart with your time is important. Instead of trying to be everywhere on social media, focusing on the places that suit your blog best is better.

For example, if your blog has many pictures, you should focus more on Pinterest or Instagram. If your blog is about things that appeal to people who love a particular topic, you can find the right online communities, like Reddit, to share your content.

4. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

When I started this blog, one way that helped me to increase blog traffic was through Pinterest. Social media is a super helpful tool to get more people to read your blog. You might discover that focusing on just one social network where your readers are can help you grow a strong and loyal group of followers. These followers will like and share your posts and introduce new people to your blog regularly.

Here’s how you can use it: 

1. Make content that’s easy to share, like cool pictures, videos, and other visually appealing content. When your readers share this stuff, more people see it, meaning more visitors to your blog.

2. Don’t forget to post regularly on your social media accounts. Those who follow you will keep checking out your new posts when you do this.

Woman on laptop typing hashtag

3. Use hashtags that fit what you’re talking about. These hashtags make your posts easier to find by a big group of people, not just your followers. 

5. Help answer important questions

Many articles and blog posts have questions as titles because that’s what people are looking for. When you take the time to answer those questions, you can get more people to read your blog.

Here’s how to do it: Make the question the title of your blog post, and ensure you use the right words and details for search engines. This way, people looking for those answers can find your blog post more easily.

To find these important questions, you can use SEO tools like AnswerThePublic or AlsoAsked, which have a “questions” feature in their keyword research. Or, you can search on Google and look for the “People also ask” section. You’ll find lots of questions there, and each of them can be an excellent idea for a new blog post.

6. Repurpose your content 

Use your content differently to reach more people and increase blog traffic. We all like to learn in different ways. Some like reading, while others like listening or watching. You can create interactive quizzes or games to engage your audience further.

By diversifying your content format, you can cater to different learning preferences and make more people interested in what you have to say.

One way to repurpose blog content is to turn it into a video or podcast. This allows you to reach a different audience who may prefer visual or audio content over written content. Creating social media posts using snippets from your blog post or turning it into an infographic is also possible.

Another option is to update the content and turn it into an ebook or guide. This allows you to provide more in-depth information to your audience and position yourself as an expert on your topic. Finally, consider turning your blog post into a webinar or workshop to engage with your audience more interactively.

Read also: 17 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners to Jumpstart Your Blogging Career.

7. Collaborate with Bloggers

Teaming up with other bloggers in your niche can help more people discover your blog. They can tell their followers about your content, which makes your blog reach a larger audience.

Their approval of your blog can build trust and credibility among their followers, who are likelier to engage with your content. With this increased exposure, your blog can receive more traffic, attracting new readers and potential subscribers.

Guest Blogging

To increase blog traffic, you can team up with fellow bloggers and websites that focus on the same topics as your blog. When you write guest posts for them, it’s like introducing your blog to their audience.

And, as a bonus, when they link to your blog, it’s like a vote of confidence, which can improve your blog’s reputation and make it more visible on the internet. This means more people may find and read your blog.

Engage with Your Audience

You can increase blog traffic by building a community around your blog to gain loyal followers who regularly visit and share your content.

cummunity of people

Connect with your readers by talking to them in the comments section of your blog and on social media. Creating a friendly community around your blog can lead to people who like your blog and keep coming back to read and share what you write. 

Talking to your readers is a great way to make them feel valued, and it encourages them to keep chatting with you. When you respond to their comments on your blog, it’s like having a conversation and answering their questions.

This shows that you care about what they think, which helps build your reputation as someone who knows much about your blog’s topic.

You can also make a special place where your readers can talk to each other, like a forum or a Facebook group. Encourage discussions and join in the conversations. This sense of community can make your readers like your blog even more and result in a surge of traffic.

Comment on blogs

Leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs can help you become more known in your area of interest. However, it’s important to do it the right way. You shouldn’t just leave blog comments to get a link back to your own site or say, “Hey, check out my blog,” and then put a link – that’s not a good idea. It can actually hurt more than help.

In reality, you might not see a lot of direct traffic from these comments, but that’s not the main point of leaving them. Instead, focus on being genuinely helpful and building a connection with the blogger. The positive outcomes will not be immediate, and it may take some time, but these relationships you build can open up opportunities for you in the long run.

8. Visual Content

Add pictures, charts, and videos to your blog posts. People really like to watch stuff, so it helps your blog get noticed by more people. These visual things not only make your blog posts look better but also help people remember them.

Pictures, charts, and videos can make your written words more interesting. They catch people’s eyes and can show feelings or ideas that are hard to explain with just words.

Whether it’s a beautiful photo, a cool drawing, or an interesting chart, these visual things can make your readers feel more connected to what you’re saying.

Infographics are simple, good-looking pictures that show information, numbers, or steps. They break down complex stuff into smaller, easy-to-understand pieces and look nice. When you use infographics, people find getting what you’re saying easier, and they might share your content with others.

Videos are even more exciting because they give your readers an interactive experience. Whether it’s a how-to video, an interview, or a sneak peek behind the scenes, videos can grab your viewers’ attention and keep them interested for longer. Plus, videos are easy to share on different websites, which helps more people see your blog and what you create.

9. Include social sharing buttons

Social share buttons are a smart idea to add to your blog because it lets your readers let people know about your blog posts on social media. This can help more people discover your blog and the great content you create. 

Girl sharing on social media on her mobile phone

However, it’s important not to go overboard by adding too many buttons, as this can make your blog look cluttered and confusing. To make the most of social share buttons, you should focus on the social networks that are most relevant to your audience.

Most blogging platforms, like WordPress, offer built-in options for adding social share buttons. If you’re using WordPress.org, there are also many plugins available that can help you customize and style these buttons to match the look and feel of your blog.

These plugins make it easy to include share buttons for the social networks that matter most to your audience so your readers can effortlessly share your content with their online networks.

10. Insert Click to Tweet in your blog content

You can make your blog posts more shareable by adding special buttons that let people tweet a catchy phrase or quote from your content. This means they can easily share your blog on Twitter. 

For instance, in one of your blog posts, you might have a cool quote you want your readers to share. There’s a free tool called “Better Click to Tweet” if you’re using WordPress, which makes it simple to set up these tweet buttons. When your readers click on them, the quote goes on their Twitter feed, and their followers can see it. This helps your blog get more attention and more visitors.

11. Create Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content is one of the best ways to increase blog traffic. Evergreen content is like a timeless article that stays interesting and helpful for a long time, like a well-maintained evergreen tree that stays green all year. It doesn’t quickly become old or irrelevant.

Laptop mockup with evergreen content

For example, an article about “How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for Your Family” is evergreen because people will always want to know how to pick the best dog for their family. This article will be useful year after year, and many people will keep reading it.

How can evergreen content increase blog traffic?

  1. It is great for steady traffic as it keeps bringing in readers even long after you publish it.
  2. Search engines like Google like this kind of content because it’s helpful. They might show it to more people, so you get more visitors from search results.
  3. People share evergreen content on social media because they find it valuable. This can bring new readers to your blog.

12. Building Backlinks to Increase Blog Traffic

Backlinks, or links from other websites to your blog, are a significant ranking factor. Here are a few ideas on how you can obtain valuable backlinks: 

  1. Create High-Quality Content. Make sure your blog posts are superb so other websites want to link to them.
  2. Write posts for other blogs in your field and include a link to your blog in your author bio.
  3. Politely ask other bloggers if they would consider linking to your relevant content if it adds value to their articles.
  4. By promoting your blog on Social Media, others may share your content, which can lead to backlinks.
  5. Engage in online forums, discussion boards, and communities relevant to your niche. If appropriate, include links to your blog.
  6. Create Linkable Assets: Make things like infographics, e-books, or research that others find helpful and want to link to.
  7. Answer questions on Quora. Links to your website in your Quora profile or answers to questions are backlinks. These backlinks can increase website traffic and are valuable for SEO.

Building backlinks is not easy. But remember, it’s better to have a few high-quality links from trustworthy websites in your area of interest than lots of low-quality links. The good links can help your blog rank higher in Google searches, increasing traffic to your site.


Boosting your blog’s visitor numbers is an ongoing journey. You can achieve this by creating exceptional content, using social media, making your blog friendly for search engines, getting links from other websites, and talking to your readers. When you combine these methods, you can beat your competition on Google.

The internet world continually changes, so you must keep learning and adjusting your blog’s strategies. Be patient and keep working hard, and your blog will get more and more visitors.

Following these tips to increase blog traffic can help grow your blog much faster.


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